Catching up on DHS

I’m sorry for not posting anything in a while, I have a Silver Pass so I’m allowed back into the parks until at least the middle of August (but probably not going back until Sept or Oct as there are other places I want to see this summer). In the meantime, here are some stories to show that I haven’t completely forgotten about my favorite (okay, 2nd favorite) movie park…


While everyone else is eagerly awaiting the (possibly delayed) opening of Star Wars Land sometime in 2019-20, Orlando Informer has a nice overview of in-fill Toy Story Land that is taking over the old Pixar Place\Streets of America area. Nothing new or groundbreaking in the article, but it’s nice to see news about the park that isn’t SW related.

…As Disney Park’s Blog is reporting both Rey and BB-8 have joined the cast of “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” as well as the their similarly themed fireworks show). I’ll try to remember to check that out next time I’m at DHS.

Disney Parks blog is reporting that Hollywood & Vine has begun taking reservations for Minnie’s Halloween Dine (Sept 4-Nov 5th). It’s not the easiest reservation to get in the park, but still one of my favorite restaurants there.



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