Photos: Holidays at Disney Springs (2017)


Commentary: What should play in this theater?

Nerdist of all sites had a speculation post on Facebook this morning about the new theater under construction behind Main Street USA. They suggested Frozen (based on its success at DHS/DCA), The Lion King (which just finished a year-long run at Shanghai Disneyland), Mary Poppins (from the popular Broadway/touring productions), Moana (from the popular movie and upcoming show at Shanghai DL) and Aladdin (as the previous occupant of DCA’s Hyperion Theater) as possible choices.

From that list, there are only two that seem even vaguely plausible: Moana and Aladdin. As the story suggests, Moana has popular songs by the current “it” songwriter… but Aladdin spent 13 years at the Hyperion – that’s a damn good track record! As for the others, Frozen is already well represented in both DHS and Epcot, whereas The Lion King already has a show at DAK. Mary Poppins, despite her new movie and upcoming addition to the UK pavilion at Epcot, is simply too much of a dark horse for such a high-profile location.

While Aladdin or Moana are two of the most likely candidates, we cannot forget about other shows that could resurrect from their theme park graves like: Tarzan Rocks (DAK, 1999-2006), Pocahontas (DAK, 1998-2008), Tangled (Disney cruise line, 2017-) or even moving Finding Nemo: The Musical to a presumably larger, more prestigious venue.

But while Nerdist wants to see MP, I feel like it’s bit of a reach. There is nothing stopping them from reaching so why not Big Hero 6: The Musical (yes, I know, they have problems with the Baymax suit, but a story focused on Hiro/Tadeshi could work) or even Treasure Planet as that film, like The Emperor’s New Groove, has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years.

Personally, I think they’d be better off rotating the shows on a regular basis with special shows at night to help draw crowds AWAY from the castle, like how they repurposed Theater of the Stars for a “Pixar symphony” over the summer, but they could also do special Disney Villians show for Halloween or a Frozen Holiday Celebration, etc.

I agree with other Mouse watchers that it will likely be Aladdin, Frozen or Moana, but what shows would YOU like to see?

Random park updates

Sorry for not posting in a while, I evacuated the area with the storm. I only recently got back (my apartment was completely undamaged) so…

While work is quickly wrapping up on the upcoming Toy Story Line, Disney opened their new Baseline Tap House with little fanfare at Hollywood Studios today. Personally, I really hope there is more to this “Grand Avenue” than the photos of the area with the walls down as Irma approached seemed to imply.

Speaking of DHS, the park is getting a second holiday themed projection show this December. Why? Who knows, but if rumors are accurate they need something to replace MK’s outgoing “Jingle Cruise” and their boring drone show at Disney Springs (which is bringing back and expanding on their popular “Trail of Trees” in their former bus loop).

Meanwhile, Epcot is celebrating its 35 birthday by not only introducing special “one day only” commemorative food and merchandise, but by quietly beginning construction on the long-awaited Ratatouille ride from Disneyland Paris as well as their secretive plans for transforming the former Universe of Energy into a new Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

I’ve said before that GOTG probably isn’t the best idea in the world for Epcot, but I like that they’ve refreshed the old gallery at the Mexico pavilion to coincide with the  release of Pixar’s Coco – hopefully, their tired dated boat ride will get a similar refurbishment (it already has a partial Day of the Dead theme).

Photos: More Knoebels pics

I was forced up north by Hurricane Irma, and I found myself invited to a birthday party at Knoebels. Unfortunately, I was sick that day so I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I’d like. However, I did get some decent pictures, just not as many as I’d like…


Opinion: Goodbye, Ellen and TGMR

So today, Sunday, August 13th, is the last day to ride both “The Great Movie Ride” (an opening day attraction) and “Ellen’s Energy Adventure” …to be replaced by a Mickey Mouse dark ride and Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster respectively.

I’m open for change at Disney parks, but getting rid of either of these rides makes ZERO sense timing wise. September is the beginning of the Food & Wine Festival – the busiest time of year for Epcot, and the WORST possible time to close an attraction in the so-called “Future World.” Whereas, closing TGMR now is an even worse idea because that brings the park down to FOUR rides (Tower of Terror, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania and Star Tours).

I have no real deep emotional connection to either ride because the TCM update basically killed TGMR for me and Ellen’s ride was so laughably outdated that it burns any good will it may have accumulated in its notoriously bloated run time, and yet both of which could be easily fixed with half the effort or expense of starting fresh.

Seriously, how hard could it be to get Bill and Ellen back on that soundstage or if they really want something new retheme it to BH6 or Meet the Robinsons – anything but GOTG… and this link goes over some quick and easy fixes to TGMR.

I was hoping to spend this week trying to get some new shots of the new Grand Avenue section peeking up beyond the soon to be taken down construction walls… but, sadly, I can’t afford to stay on property right now as I’m still paying off my Knoebels trip (with a two day “layover” in Miami) from last month…